Ninja Blender Reviews: Choose the Right Equipment for Your Kitchen

Ninja Blender Reviews: Choose the Right Equipment for Your Kitchen 4.71/5 (94.29%) 7 votes

Aptly named, the Ninja blenders are effective in cutting, crushing and mixing just about any food ingredient. As consistent top performers, the different models offer valuable addition to our kitchens. Searching for and choosing the right one for you is important before making the purchase—and numerous Ninja blender reviews can help in making this decision. At Amazon, good reviews and ratings from actual users attest to the efficiency of these best-selling products.

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

The stacked blade technology and the 4-blade and 6-blade set attachments of the Ninja Master Prep QB900B can easily slice through different ingredients and create creamy smoothies. The pulse technology can uniformly perform the food processing, cutting and blending. Equipped with an interchangeable 400 Watt power pod, you can quickly switch between different containers depending on your needs. Included in the set are the 16 oz. chopper bowl and the 48 oz. master prep pitcher, which could be used to process different types and quantities of food successively. The standard-sized chopper bowl can contain 2 cups while the larger pitcher can contain 6 cups.

No-slip bases as well as splash guards for both the chopper bowl and pitcher are also incorporated in the accessories in order to keep your counter tops from becoming too messy. The easy-flip pour spout allows for easy transfer of fluids to other containers. The pitcher and chopper storage lids can also keep your food fresh and clean. Tidying up, washing and rinsing is made convenient as all attachments are dishwasher safe.

At Amazon, the Ninja Master Prep QB900B can be affordably purchased for only $39.92 and no shipping fee. Its reviews are mostly positive and the ratings are very high. People have used it in accomplishing different tasks in the kitchen from blending fruits to slicing vegetables. A few users, however, have experienced some problems with grinding seeds. Nevertheless, based on its numerous features as well as the good customer feedback, the Ninja Master Prep QB900B seems to be highly recommendable.

Ninja Master Prep Professional (QB1004)

If you are looking for a multi-functional set that could replace your various bulky kitchen appliances, the Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 might be a good choice. Its 450 Watt power pod can be used for three differently sized containers. The 16 oz. chopper bowl can hold 2 cups, the 40 oz. processor bowl can contain 5 cups and the large 48 oz. pitcher can contain 6 cups. Also included in the set are two blade attachments, namely the 4-blade set and the 6-blade set. The stacked blade technology along with the pulse technology can help you prepare uniformly cut ingredients and evenly blended beverages in no time.

Similar to the Ninja Master Prep QB900B, the accessories of this set comes with wide and no-slip bottoms, anti-spill splash guards and storage lids for easy cleaning and storing. Cleaning can be done by simply popping it within the dishwasher. All accessories are dishwasher safe as well as BPA free. You can rest easy knowing that the material used in preparing the food for your family is free from harmful toxics.

Aside from its functional and practical use, the set also showcases its sleek aesthetics. The power pod highlights its chrome button, which can be used to easily control the cutting and blending actions.

Because its set contains more accessories and features higher wattage, the Ninja Master Prep QB1004 can be bought for a slightly higher price than the QB900B model at $59.99. Users commend its good design, which features no awkward parts. Ergonomics is good, and the accessories are easy to handle and carry.

Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve Blending Cups (BL660)

With 1100 Watts of power, the Ninja Professional Blender BL660 uses its total crushing technology to effortlessly grind and cut ice, whole fruits and other food ingredients in just a few seconds. Aside from this, Its speed technology features three options as well as pulse speed, which allows for even mixing and cutting.

For greater versatility, this blender can be used whether you wish to serve beverages for your whole family or just for one person. A large pitcher, which can hold up to 72 oz. or nine cups, and two Nutri Ninja cup, which can hold up to 16 oz. is included in the set. Aside from these features, the Ninja Professional Blender BL660 also includes recipes that you may want to try out with your blender.

One minor drawback mentioned by its users is the noise it creates when being operated. However, none are too bothered with it as other high-powered blenders make the same sounds and the high efficiency of this set makes up for the loudness. Even the single serve cup has no problems crushing solid ice. It is also easier to clean up. With the different sizes of the containers included, wasting any ingredient can be avoided as you can put in and process the exact amount that you need.

For only $115.99 and a shipping fee of $9.99, you may already enjoy this high-powered professional blender. Solid ice can be crush into snow, frozen fruits can be blended and juices, and vegetables and other ingredients can be chopped, diced and minced quickly without having to manually stir into the container from time to time.

Blenders have become an important part of our kitchens. Numerous factors such as performance, power, ergonomics and budget should, therefore, be considered. You might not need a set with high wattage if you do not regularly use blenders. However, for rigorous tasks, a professional heavy-duty blender is best.

Based on the numerous ratings and feedback at Amazon, these three top sellers constantly satisfy their users and would probably be a good choice for you too. Why not purchase something that is already proven to be effective and useful? When looking for one, whether as an addition to their own kitchens or as gifts, customers must properly research in order to choose the appropriate model depending on the different kitchen needs.

Ninja 1500 Review: Quickly Blend, Chop and Crush

Ninja 1500 Review: Quickly Blend, Chop and Crush 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

From blending to food processing to juicing and even to dough mixing, the Ninja 1500 redefines kitchen versatility. Equipped with a versatile 2 HP or 1500 Watt motor, ice can be crushed and dough can be made in merely a few seconds.

Its brute power, however, does not compromise the quality of the cuts as its one touch pulsing allows for maximum control and its quad blade technology allows for uniform cutting and crushing actions. There is no need to wait for too long or to manually stir the ingredients—the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 can blend, chop and crush just about any food ingredient effectively and quickly.

The Ninja 1500 comes with a 72-oz pitcher with pour spout and 6-blade assembly, an XL food processor with 8 cup bowl capacity and two 16 oz. single serve cups with built-in juicing and blending blades and travel lids. All of these accessories are BPA-free, which makes it safe for everyone in your family. The single serve containers can even be conveniently used by family members going out for the day. Also, aside from helping you quickly prepare all sorts of meals as well as serve drinks to anyone, the kitchen system allows for fast cleaning as its attachments are all dishwasher safe.

For only $207.99 plus a $18.14 shipping fee, you can already get the Ninja 1500 from Amazon. Some users mentioned in their reviews the loudness of the appliance but none are too bothered with it as they understand that most high-powered blenders make some kind of noise when being operated. Customers who have tried their Ninja 1500 agree that the system is well-engineered and heavy duty.

If you need a kitchen equipment that can perform multiple jobs, withstand rigorous use and quickly slice through any food, this can be an excellent choice.

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Ninja BL660 Review

Ninja BL660 Review 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

The Ninja Professional Blender and Nutri Ninja Cups BL660 features a 1100 Watt motor, which allows it to easily break and mix different food ingredients no matter how tough they are. Its high performance blades can crush ice, whole frozen fruits and vegetables in just a few seconds. This blade technology reinforced with its total crushing technology makes Ninja BL660 a sturdy and dependable blender.

Controls are easy to use, and speed comes in three settings and in pulse. Moreover, the Ninja BL660 comes with accessories useful for different situations. For example, the XL 72 oz. professional blender jar can be used to prepare large quantities of snacks and drinks of up to nine cups for family and friends. On the other hand, the 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups can be used to serve drinks to people on the go. Both of these containers as well as the other attachments included in this set are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Aside from these features, the set also includes recipes that you may want to try out with your Ninja BL660. The whole set can be ordered through Amazon for only $115.99 with a $9.99 shipping fee. Several users described it as powerful and reliable in their reviews. Pouring from the pitcher does not cause spillages and cleaning does not require disassembly. The parts also seem to be solid and well designed.

A con of this set is that the blades, which can be too sharp. However, coupled with its high wattage, the blade technology can crush and grind a lot of food ingredients. With this set, you can effortlessly provide smooth, nutrient-rich beverages filled with vitamins and fiber for your family.

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Ninja Blender 1100 Review

Ninja Blender 1100 Review 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Ninja Blender 1100 is not just a blender or a simple food processor—it is a whole kitchen system. Its five different attachments including the whisk, dough hook and dough paddle can help you make everything from cookies to ice cream to soup to creamy smoothies and fancy drinks. Utilizing a 1100-Watt motor, the set packs the power to effectively process your favorite snacks and meals.

Chopping, mixing, juicing and blending is made easy with its five-star rated multiple blade system, which is reinforced with smart-speed technology. With control buttons that are easy to understand and use, this Ninja Kitchen System 1100 features smart design that automatically adjusts the motor speed depending on the consistency of the ingredients. Furthermore, its differently sized containers, the 72 oz. pitcher and the 40 oz. processing bowl, allows for diverse type and quantities of food and drinks.

As a blender, numerous users commended the product. The set is sturdy, and the blades are sharp and effective. One drawback, however is that the blades, when handled improperly, can easily cut. As a kitchen system, the design of the kitchen system could still use some improvement. One of the cons mentioned by a customer is the rectangular shape of the container, which is inappropriate for the circular movements of the dough paddle. Despite this minor flaw, ratings and comments regarding the performance of the kitchen system are remarkable.

If you are in need of a set that would replace the various appliances cluttering your kitchen, Ninja Kitchen System 1100 might just be what you are looking for. At Amazon, for only $162.93, you may already enhance versatility and increase productivity within your kitchen by purchasing this highly-rated set.